February 27, 2013
VIDE version 0.45b released.
December 25, 2012
VIDE version 0.45a released.
September 22, 2012
Source Icon Set updated.
January 9, 2012
VIDE version 0.38a released.
June 23, 2010
VIDE version 0.32b released.
June 16, 2010
VIDE version 0.32a released.
April 28, 2010
Source Icon Set updated.
March 13, 2010
Source Icon Set released.
February 26, 2010
VIDE version 0.16b released.
December 25, 2009
VIDE version 0.1a released.
December 21, 2009
Website up and running.

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Nicholas Ray
VIDE Version: 0.45 Beta
Valve Integrated Development Environment

A toolkit for the Source engine aimed at aiding mappers and modders alike.



Hammer Splitter Editor
...allows for the changing of Hammer viewport draw distances beyond Hammer's built-in options. It also allows viewport types to easily be changed, and includes the option for the Logical (Entity Flowchart) viewport type not selectable in Hammer.
Package Viewer
...a simple clone of GCFScape. Can read BSP, GCF, NCF, and VPK files.
Particle Editor
...the most complex tool VIDE has to offer. Allows for the manipulation of PCFs, including quick generation of particle manifests, verification of unique element GUIDs across multiple files, movement of systems between files, and conversion between the three most common PCF formats.
VBSP Editor
...a simple form for structured editing of VBSP files.
VMT Editor
...a simple tool for the interactive construction of VMT files.
Mass VMT Editor
...quickly edit VMT files by the thousands. Options include the change of Shaders and the addition and removal of Parameters and Proxies. For any VTF file selected, a skeleton VMT will be created if one doesn't already exist.
VTF Editor
...converts plain images to and from VTF files with ease. Options exist to control most every VTF aspect, including, but not limited to, manipulating individual mipmaps, frames, faces, and sides and experimental sprite sheet coordinate tweaking.
Mass VTF Editor
...similar to the above, this tool is capable of editing numerous VTF files with minimal effort.
BSP Info
...provides more interaction with Valve BSP files. The tool translates the file header into a table of human readable values and allows for the extracting and replacing of file lumps.
Entity Lump Editor
...a reincarnation of Entspy with an improved filter and ability to import from BSP, LMP, and VMF and export as LMP and VMF.
Pakfile Lump Editor
...another reincarnation, this one of Pakrat with a few improved features, such as more reliable scanning of a wider variety of content, more control over what is scanned for, extracting the Pak as an uncompressed ZIP, and showing more statistics about the contents of the Pak.

Change Log

Version 0.45b -- February 27, 2013
  • Pakfile Lump Editor
    • Fixed: Incorrect gib model paths
    • Fixed: Certain version 21 BSPs saved with an incorrect version identifier
    • Fixed: Incomplete scan of pre-packed content
    • Changed: Scanning of packed materials is now enabled by default

  • Package Viewer
    • Added: Basic VPK version 2 support

Version 0.45a -- December 25, 2012
  • VIDE
    • Added: VTF Editor
    • Added: Mass VTF Editor
    • Fixed: File dialogs now remember last directory
    • Added: Single instance limitation
    • Added: Open file by argument

  • VBSP Editor
    • Fixed: Infinite loop when setting texture dimension
    • Fixed: Texture dimension default read from invalid prop on load
    • Fixed: Incorrect renaming of all tree items
    • Fixed: Swaped items are now saved in the correct order

  • Package Viewer
    • Fixed: Error when reading data from single digit VPK archive segments

Version 0.38a -- January 9, 2012
  • VIDE
    • Added: Package Viewer

  • Entity Lump Editor
    • Fixed: Lump written to Output window instead of BSP or LMP
    • Fixed: Crashing when importing VMF with entity connections
    • Fixed: Similarily named keyvalues overwriting each other
    • Removed: Brush entities loaded/saved from/to VMF
    • Added: Search option to invert results
    • Added: Option to ignore importing of hidden VMF entities

  • Hammer Splitter Editor
    • Fixed: Distance fields now set value upon losing focus
    • Fixed: Disabled editing of unreadable registry entries

  • Mass VMT Editor
    • Fixed: VTF material initialization using wrong path

  • Pakfile Lump Editor
    • Fixed: Rewrote nearly all GUI logic

  • Particle Editor
    • Fixed: Crash when context menu requested in blank space

  • VBSP Editor
    • Fixed: Various value fields setting the wrong value
    • Added: Texture dimension default read from first prop on load

  • [BSP Tools]
    • Fixed: General inconsistancy and unreliability; rewrote BSP delegate class

  • [VMF Tools]
    • Changed: Rewrote VMF class

  • [Utility Code]
    • Fixed: Improved accuracy and handling of plaintext keyvalues

Version 0.32b -- June 23, 2010
  • VIDE
    • Removed: Public use of external log file

  • Mass VMT Editor
    • Fixed: Undesirable behaviour with empty file list

  • Pakfile Lump Editor
    • Fixed: Model materials not being searched for
    • Added: Scan options dialog

  • Particle Editor
    • Added: System finder
    • Added: Map particle manifester

Version 0.32a -- June 16, 2010
  • VIDE
    • Added: Particle Editor
    • Added: Entity Lump Editor
    • Added: VBSP Editor
    • Added: Closure confirmation for modified windows
    • Removed: Ability to move toolbars
    • Removed: Ability to manually check for updates
    • Removed: External program launchers

  • BSP Info
    • Added: Option to save extracted lump with lump name instead of number
    • Added: Lump names according to BSP version

  • Mass VMT Editor
    • Added: Asterisk wildcard option
    • Added: Improved progress dialog

  • Pakfile Lump Editor
    • Fixed: Rare crash when finishing scan for referenced content
    • Fixed: Skybox and detail sprites not being searched for
    • Fixed: Rare infinite loop when reading binary data as text
    • Fixed: Editing of search path after scan
    • Added: Ability to search for and scan particle systems

  • VMT Editor
    • Fixed: New window from opening if open dialog was canceled
    • Added: Save shortcut "Ctrl + S"

  • [BSP Tools]
    • Added: Hard-coded lump names

Version 0.16b -- February 26, 2010
  • VIDE
    • Added: Ability to check for updates
    • Added: About information

  • BSP Info
    • Fixed: Window opening when the file open dialog was canceled
    • Fixed: Crash when closing a window after opening a BSP more than once
    • Fixed: Bug preventing a BSP from being read
    • Added: Context menu to copy lump offset and length values from the table
    • Added: Lump manipulation: Append, Extract, Prepend, and Replace

  • Mass VMT Editor
    • Added: VMT and VTF only file type selections
    • Added: Progress dialog for lengthy operations

  • Pakfile Lump Editor
    • Fixed: Crash when adding files with a CRC of 9F6FB22E
    • Removed: Unnecessary status entries
    • Added: Scan option

  • [VMT Tools]
    • Fixed: Formal syntax requirement

Version 0.1a -- December 25, 2009
  • Initial release.